family Brassicaceae

family Brassicaceae
a large family of plants with four-petaled flowers; includes mustards, cabbages, broccoli, turnips, cresses, and their many relatives
Derivationally related forms: ↑cruciferous (for: ↑Cruciferae)
Hypernyms: ↑dilleniid dicot family
Member Holonyms: ↑Rhoeadales, ↑order Rhoeadales, ↑Papaverales, ↑order Papaverales
Member Meronyms:
crucifer, ↑cruciferous plant, ↑cress, ↑cress plant, ↑watercress, ↑Aethionema, ↑genus Aethionema, ↑Alliaria, ↑genus Alliaria, ↑Alyssum, ↑genus Alyssum, ↑Arabidopsis, ↑genus Arabidopsis, ↑Arabis, ↑genus Arabis, ↑Armoracia, ↑genus Armoracia, ↑Barbarea, ↑genus Barbarea, ↑Berteroa, ↑genus Berteroa, ↑Biscutella, ↑genus Biscutella, ↑Brassica, ↑genus Brassica, ↑Cakile, ↑genus Cakile, ↑Camelina, ↑genus Camelina, ↑false flax, ↑Capsella, ↑genus Capsella, ↑Cardamine, ↑genus Cardamine, ↑Dentaria, ↑genus Dentaria, ↑Cheiranthus, ↑genus Cheiranthus, ↑Cochlearia, ↑genus Cochlearia, ↑Crambe, ↑genus Crambe, ↑Descurainia, ↑genus Descurainia, ↑Diplotaxis, ↑genus Diplotaxis, ↑genus Draba, ↑Eruca, ↑genus Eruca, ↑Erysimum, ↑genus Erysimum, ↑genus Heliophila, ↑Hesperis, ↑genus Hesperis, ↑Iberis, ↑genus Iberis, ↑Isatis, ↑genus Isatis, ↑Lepidium, ↑genus Lepidium, ↑Lesquerella, ↑genus Lesquerella, ↑Lobularia, ↑genus Lobularia, ↑Lunaria, ↑genus Lunaria, ↑Malcolmia, ↑genus Malcolmia, ↑Matthiola, ↑genus Matthiola, ↑Nasturtium, ↑genus Nasturtium, ↑Physaria, ↑genus Physaria, ↑Pritzelago, ↑genus Pritzelago, ↑Raphanus, ↑genus Raphanus, ↑Rorippa, ↑genus Rorippa, ↑genus Schizopetalon, ↑Sinapis, ↑genus Sinapis, ↑genus Sisymbrium, ↑Stanleya, ↑genus Stanleya, ↑Stephanomeria, ↑genus Stephanomeria, ↑Subularia, ↑genus Subularia, ↑Thlaspi, ↑genus Thlaspi, ↑Thysanocarpus, ↑genus Thysanocarpus, ↑Turritis, ↑genus Turritis, ↑Vesicaria, ↑genus Vesicaria, ↑wasabi

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